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Work by Speech

The first program in the world that allows efficient work on a computer by speech
without needing a keyboard and mouse.

Fast mouse

Customizable mousegrid divides the screen into up to 2550 figures and is automatically optimized for each application.
All mouse actions are supported.

custom commands

Automate and speed up repetitive tasks by using custom voice commands which allow multiple executions.

Quiet speaking

Now you can speak to a computer all day without losing your voice.

Who is it for?

  • People with some permanent disabilities (e.g. someone paralyzed in both hands).
  • People with some temporary disabilities (e.g. a person who broke both hands in an accident).
  • Those who would like to decrease the chance of developing repetitive stress injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (eg. by working one day a week by speech or by performing some tasks by speech).
  • Users who want to increase their productivity by using voice commands like switch to Chrome, open Photoshop, close that, show desktop, paste x times, undo/redo x times, scroll left/right x times and custom voice commands.
  • Anyone who just wants to control a computer by speech.